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At Datore we are creators, we create client specific data and analytics solutions using existing ‘best of breed’ products and technologies that are available, supported and customisable.

By using existing products rather than developing our own we can provide high quality solutions quickly, securely and affordably.

We then focus on helping our clients to take these skills and transfer them in house should they wish to do so. We always look to enable our clients rather than lock them into long-term contracts.

Datore Ltd is a UK registered company with offices in London and Nottingham. Our mission is to help clients to understand and exploit the benefits that exist within your data. No matter how poor you think your existing data is and no matter how many data sources you need to exploit! You will be surprised how quickly we can show you the possibilities, normally within 90 minutes.

The company’s ethos is about finding the right solution for your needs, it is equally about honesty, integrity, trust, fairness and fun. These are the business values that guide us and that is why we enjoy what we do.

Datore is the UK’s leading Sisense Implementation and Reseller partner, we are an AWS partner and have certified Sisense, AWS and Microsoft developers.

With more than 40 years of technology experience, we have seen and understand the unparalleled growth of data and the ‘goldmine’ of opportunities that this presents. Talk to us to explore the value that exists in the data you already own.

Instant Analytics for all your Data, No matter how complex

Turn your complex data into valuable insights within 90 minutes! 

Work with a dedicated Data Analytic expert – no strings attached – just real dashboards and real insights. 

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Our management team

Graham Perry


An Electronics Engineer specialising in technology and online platforms, with an MSc in Information Systems. I enjoy running, mountain biking and golf but my real passions are cars and fun!

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Sophia Lee


A business/data analyst specializing in data visualization and dashboard design with a Bsc in Medical Biochemistry. I enjoy swimming, golf and a huge advocate for women in IT/FM as well as the benefits of mentoring.

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