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Data Strategy and Development

Data is everywhere! We are told that it is now worth more than oil! But what data has value and where do we find it? How do we store it and update it? How do we alter our processes to accommodate it and most important of all how do we realise the potential that exists within it? This is how we differentiate Datore, not just words on a document or slide decks. Actual practical advise and understanding, real world data solutions and development. If you are not sure where to start, or you need a simple database built, want to get the most from your dashboards or have a far more complex data warehouse and processing requirement, we can assist.
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Business Intelligence

Simple dashboards or visual data analytics? Where and how can you get the most from that data within your organisation. Do you want to leverage customer buying patterns, understand your financial position or improve operations and reduce risk? The application of analytics knows no boundaries and is limited only by available data and our own imagination. The real art of Business Intelligence is telling the most relevant story in the shortest possible time and then giving users the ability to self-discover the answers to their next questions. Telling a story with data is the most effective way of deriving insights and understanding to improve your organisation. Let us help you build that story.

Analytic Service Providor (ASP)

Why not let us take the data strain? Our ASP is a service that takes your data, from different sources, and transforms it to create a clear and concise future story for your business. It does this quickly, conveniently, secularly and affordably. We provide all the software, hardware, security, resources, development and people that you will need to gather, collate, store, process, extract, load, transform, visualise and analyse all of the data in your organisation. More importantly we will help you to build the story that turns data into information, allowing you to contextualise and act upon the knowledge that you create.

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The business of data is actually the business of discovering answers.  We at Datore believe that most business critical questions can be answered, or at least informed, with the right data.  To prove this we offer a FREE half day consultation where we will help you to answer any one of the questions below: 

  • Do you need to answer a specific business critical question? 
  • Are you struggling to understand the value of data to your organisation or your clients? 
  • Do you have concerns about your data quality issues and transparency?
  • Are you starting to come across data scalability and performance challenges?
  • Do you have multiple sources of data that is ‘siloed’ in disparate parts of your business that require weeks to consolidate? 
  • Do you have lots of excel spreadsheets all across your business?

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