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The business of data is actually the business of discovering answers.  We at Datore believe that most business critical questions can be answered, or at least informed, with the right data.  To prove this we offer a FREE half day consultation where we will help you to answer any one of the questions below: 

  • Do you need to answer a specific business critical question? 
  • Are you struggling to understand the value of data to your organisation or your clients? 
  • Do you have concerns about your data quality issues and transparency?
  • Are you starting to come across data scalability and performance challenges?
  • Do you have multiple sources of data that is ‘siloed’ in disparate parts of your business that require weeks to consolidate? 
  • Do you have lots of excel spreadsheets all across your business?

Data Strategy

To many companies these days are trying to make data very complicated. Here at Datore we pride ourselves on keeping things simple. We specialise in helping companies make data driven decisions faster & discover the value that exists in their data.

We help software companies integrate a world class data analytics and Business Intelligence tool in to their existing product offer.

We help existing companies look at the data they have or could create, to understand its real value to them or to their customers.

We help data driven organisations to make more of the data they already possess, by simplifying how and where they apply it to answer critical business questions.

But how do we do this? Well, it’s quite simple:

  1. We look at your business process and how you operate.
  2. We look at your customers and what they currently buy from you.
  3. We look at the value of the data that already exists or that could be created by your organisation.
  4. We assess and discuss the requirements to store, analyse and visualise this data.
  5. Finally, if there is value for you or for your customers, then we prepare a business case that will help you make better, faster decisions.

If you then want us to, we will help you put together your data governance strategy. We advise and guide our clients on how they collect and process, manage, store and utilise the data for better decision making. We assist in designing or improving the data architecture to provide a single vision of the truth.

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Business Intelligence

Most organisations struggle to easily access relevant and trustworthy data to answer key KPI’s or plan business strategies with evidence-based confidence.   

We offer a comprehensive Business Intelligence process that includes gathering requirements, defining KPIs and creating a data model.   Our Business Intelligence dashboards are ones that:

  • Make complex data simple
  • Tells a clear story
  • Expresses the meaning of the data
  • Reveals details as needed

Our recommended Business intelligence and data analytics software combine machine learning so as to identify historical trends, forecasted predictions and immediate areas of opportunity to grow your business.  

In addition custom training packages on Sisense are available depending on requirements and skill level. Allowing you to enable the power of data at your users fingertips.

  • End Users
  • Dashboard designers
  • Elasticube & Data modellers

Analytic Service Providor

Are you concerned about the costs of data analytics but still want to add value to your organisation? 

Why not try our Analytics service providor package? 

We will provide the hardware, software and people that will enable you to take advantage of analytics for an affordable fixed monthly cost.  

Our Pay As You Go Analytics includes:

  • An AWS secure hosted data environment
  • A world leading business Intelligence and Analytics platform – you guessed it! It’s Sisense 
  • Expertise in DBA, Business Intelligence Consultant, Data Analyst & Insight Strategist 
  • Enhancements to existing dashboards
  • Creation of new dashboards to adapt to changes in your business
  • Monthly executive summary data insights using our latest data insight mining technology
  • Natural Language generation  – it’s like having you own virtual junior business Analyst

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Process

1. Acquire

Otherwise known as Data Collection. The quality of input will determine the quality of output and is therefore the most essential on which results depend on.  Business Intelligence & analytics solutions must be able to collect data from multiple sources and centralize into a single source.

2. Prepare

Preparation includes sorting and filtering of data.  This stage requires you to remove the extra or unusable data to make processing faster and increasing intelligence by collecting the ‘right’ data for your business.

3. Ingest

This is the processing of raw and sieved data through automated means, which is refered to as our ‘Elasticube’.  This step takes the most effort as it has a direct result on the quality of the output.

4. Visualise

The processed data is further interpreted and evaluated against key business KPIs or questions and is often used directly in presentations.  The relevant information at your fingertips.

5. Analyse

By leveraging the information gathered and applying it to your own business models, companies can avert risk and make informed decisions to drive their business forward.

6. Study

True data mining is not becoming complacent with a predefined set of dashboards and reports but considers the changing business environment.  Business Intelligence software can be used to identify risk, discover opportunity and forecast trends.  

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