The Datorians

Meet the brains behind the numbers!

Graham Perry

Commercial Director

Graham is responsible for the Commercial activity at Datore and heads up the sales and finance teams. He enjoys clay pidgeon shooting, flying and is an active RAF reservist.

Sophia Lee

Operations Director

Sophia Lee enjoys Clay pigeon Shooting, Volley Ball and a passion for helping & supporting Young people and Women in FM/Data. Chairman of the Young Pattenmaker’s and Cofounder of Datore. Sophia is a foodie and has a particular weakness for pastries.

David Wilson

Business Consultant

David is the lead business and process consultant at Datore. He is responsible for advising customers how data and analytics can best deliver profitability and value for them. He is a keen environmentalist and enjoys running, singing and growing his own produce.

Jana Kucharova

BI Specialist

Jana does the Business Intelligence & analytical work for some of our clients and in her free time she enjoys good food, books, and sunny days.

Andrei Ilici

Lead DevOps

Globetrotting and exciting adventures keep Andrei busy – when he isn’t taking care of Sisense and all things data!

Henry Van Dyk

Senior Developer

When he’s not cantering around the countryside on his horses, Henry heads up our Technical Development Team.

Lewis Williams

Business Development Specialist

Lewis is a Business Development Specialist, responsible for bringing in clients with an interest in data used in Pharma & Healthcare. He enjoys watching sports such as F1 & NFL and attending sporting events in his spare time.

Maria Gospodinova

Data Engineer

Rachael Moyers

HR Partner

Rachael is our HR partner at Datore and supports us with all our people processes, ensuring our team is happy, healthy and engaged.  Outside of HR, Rachael enjoys keeping fit and is also a big foodie (Korean and Japanese food being the favourite).