Improve operations through
Greater insight

The key to business success is the efficiency of operations. It directly affects customer satisfaction, business processes, financial control and overall performance. Whether you are a manufacturer, in the services industry or a retailer, or even if you’re private, public or third sector – it is the efficiency of your operations that will stand you apart.


At Datore, we promote business analytics as the technology that will empower your teams, tell the story of your current operation, and provide accurate insights to help you determine the next steps towards your goals.

Here is all you need to know about Datore in one minute

Here is all you need to know about Datore in one minute


  • Easily access relevant and trustworthy operations data, in order to demonstrate business performance and plan business strategies with evidence based confidence.
  • Be confident that the data you collected truly represents current and future performance.
  • Limit the number of spreadsheets across your business, as well as questionable or conflicting outputs. Instead harness data from the operational systems that support everyday processes.


With Datore you don’t have to imagine

  • We transform your data into intelligent dashboards, reports, insights that paint a simple and compelling picture of how well your property services are performing and where they are contributing to bottom line results.
  • Harness this to solve today’s problems and maximise future opportunities.
  • You can gain access to this quickly, affordably, securely and sustainably from experts who understand how to apply this to your situation.

Smart Data Solutions

Datore will quickly and flexibly assemble your disparate data sources into a single ‘Elasticube’, which will enable you to visualise and interrogate operational performance across your organisation. .

Our dashboard solutions are tailored to your business. We make sure to include everything you need in one easy to access place.

  • Integration and analysis across different operational platforms.
  • Commercial oversight and improved control of spend.
  • Comparative relationship management; suppliers, customers or other stakeholders.
  • Identify and mitigate risks.
  • Improve visibility of KPI’s by comparing a variety of data sources.
  • Manage and improve sales performance.
  • Build visibility across your entire organisational capability, align sales, production, stock, suppliers, manufacturing, logistics, service, support and finance.
  • Reduce IT spend and complexity, empower users to empower themselves.

Dashboards are more effective than standard reports. They enable you to ‘slice and dice’ the data, giving you endless possibilities on how to view, interrogate or interact with it. We give each user group the power to view and analyse the data in the way that best meets their needs. In turn helping them to respond to and solve specific challenges.


  • Automatic notification of Key Performance Indicators.
  • Blending financial, business process, operational and commercial information in one place, instantaneously.
  • An oversight view in real time which enables you to better plan, manage and reschedule resources, risks, and costs across your entire operational platform.
  • You could reduce the number of spreadsheets and empower your team to analyse data to drive performance rather than wasting time on low value data aggregation and reporting tasks.

Now Imagine

  • Your data transformed into intelligent dashboards, reports, insights that paint a simple picture or tell a compelling story of how well your operations are performing to key stakeholders
  • You can ‘slice and dice’ this data and drill into it, to really understand what is happening and how. Harness this capability to solve todays problems and realise future opportunities
  • You could get this quickly, affordably, securely and sustainably from experts who understand how to apply this to your business operations

Smart Data Solutions
Datore can quickly and flexible assemble your disparate data sources into a single ‘Elasticube’ which can enable you to visualise your complete operational performance.

Here are some dashboard examples:

  • KPI’s and measures across your operations.
  • Financial and commercial management across multiple levels
  • Management of risk across the organisation
  • Stage and status view of operations
  • Improve supply chain, logistics, resource management, health and safety, etc.
  • Statutory compliance and major incident reporting
  • Compare time, cost and risk across client delivery to see trends and patterns

Dashboards are differentiated from standard reports – you can slice and dice the data. This means viewing combined data, by region, by country, by person responsible, by contractor, by service provider, by project type, spend profile, budget or cost line.

Analytics can provide alerts to key events in operational performance or to any potential improvements that could be defined through combined insight.

Applying Intelligence to operational information allows
you to define and create future performance


The real benefits are found when you use analytics to shape and inform your future business decisions.

  • Use historical information to develop forecasts for future change.
  • Develop scenarios for different changes in circumstances and map their associated business impact.
  • Allow users to answer their own questions by empowering them to interrogate operational data in a user friendly manner.
  • Decrease IT dependencies without losing control of data security.

Direct benefits:

  • Improved utilisation of resources, that are currently manipulating spreadsheets, to draw data together and produce management reports of high value.
  • Decisions are made quicker, and actions are based on trusted data or alerts.
  • Saving resources to ‘go away and investigate’, now simply display and share with key stakeholders based on data already integrated into the Elasticube.
  • Make informed decisions faster and action them.

Data Quality

Data Quality

Business professionals are naturally concerned about data, but don’t let queries and questions create a barrier to deploying business intelligence and analytics. Working to create comprehensive dashboards will enable you to illustrate the data quality problem and bring it to the forefront. Once you visualise the issue it is much easier and much faster to fix the reasons that sit behind the problem.

Data cleansing exercises are both costly and time consuming. It is not easy to gain support and resources for and, unless supported by process and behavioural change, can result in the business falling back into old patterns.

Demonstrating the value of data in action is the best route towards a data centric business.

When the value of the dashboards and analytics is proven to key stakeholders they will help you drive the need for data of quality and integrity.

The real benefits are in the analytics where you use the Elasticube to shape future decisions

  • Real time, accurate and convincing communication to key stakeholders ensures the best chance of co-operation, support and deliver. Visibility ensures that issues can be proactively identified and resolved to minimise impacts on delivery.
  • Early identification of challenges or opportunities enable operational agility to reschedule and ensure that the most important opportunities for the business are prioritised over those which add least value or where impacts are less problematic.
  • Confirm that the business is running optimally across all areas and if not, reappraise and reshape their scope accordingly.

More direct benefits:

  • Reduction or redeployment of resources that are currently manipulating spreadsheets to draw together data and produce basic management reports of limited value
  • Decisions are made quicker, actions are based on trusted data and alerts

Data Quality
Data quality is sometimes a barrier to the delivery of quality dashboards and analytics but this can be avoided if you rely on your operational platforms rather than excel spreadsheets.

If your operational data is incorrect at source, then how can you be sure that your business is running properly? The fastest way to fix data issues is to visualise them, use intelligence to highlight them and ingenuity to fix them. Doing this at source rather than on a spreadsheet, fixes them once and for all.

Demonstrating the value of data in action is the best route towards a data centric business.