International Workplace selects Datore Analytics

International Workplace selects Datore Analytics


The workplace training and legal specialists International Workplace have selected Datore Analytics to provide Business Intelligence dashboards and data analytics services to their award-winning online training platform. The deal, which is initially for 1 year, will see Datore provide their embedded data analytics solution as well as skills and expertise to enhance both International Workplace’s existing Learning Management Platform as well as their soon to be released Workplace DNA product.

“Our clients understand the value they hold within their data and organisational development data is just as important to understand. Especially if you want to clearly see the progress you are making towards a life-long learning workplace. We needed to stand out from the competition in regards to how we achieved this and after reviewing a number of alternatives it became clear that Datore was by far the best choice for us as a partner who understood our needs and shared our drive and determination to go above and beyond what was ‘expected’ and deliver an exceptional customer experience” said David Sharp, Managing Director at International Workplace.

“Our new Workplace DNA SaaS platform goes far beyond that of just a Learning Management System, it actually builds learning environments that become part of the DNA of the organisation, learning that contributes to organisational culture and understanding. It is simple to use, easily digested and customisable to client needs. With the addition of learning analytics, we can now actually start to explore learning patterns, track and inform progress, or lack thereof, and continuously fuel the imagination and interaction with the learner.” Continued Sharp.

Graham Perry, Commercial Director at Datore, continued “at Datore we believe that every piece of data is just part of a story. These stories inform and support decisions, improvements, savings and much more in any organisation. The stories that can be created now for individuals and organisations around competency, compliance and understanding will enhance the culture and organisational DNA for hundreds of clients and thousands of users of the International Workplace products.”

“As a supplier, to both software manufacturers and end user companies, of advanced data services and analytics solutions it is important that every client see’s the value they hold within their data. Value that can improve any element within the organisation if the right questions are asked and the correct story is told; operations, sales, customer satisfaction are the more obvious ones but people development, retention and organisational culture need not be left out in the cold.” Concluded Perry.


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