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What is Business Intelligence?

We are your Business Intelligence experts.

We provide dashboards, visual analytics, AI, ML and business support using Sisense and AWS, industry-leading technologies.

Our services:

We will work with you to identify the questions you need to answer, rapidly building solutions to deliver reliable, accurate answers.

We provide the skills, resources, software, hosting and industry understanding to make your journey to being data-driven a pleasure rather than a pain.

Why do I need Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence provides the information your business needs to make informed business decisions. It is a foundation for strategic decision-making and eliminating guesswork.

Business intelligence collates internal and external data sources to build competitive intelligence, understand market trends, identify pain points, gaps and areas for growth.

Business intelligence and Analytics will

Why Datore?

We are experts in Business Intelligence & Analytics.

We speak your language and understand your issues, quickly defining and delivering the answers you need.

Working collaboratively with you, our talented team will rapidly, affordably and securely deliver your solutions.

We are the ONLY Sisense Gold Partner in the UK.

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Where could I use BI and Analytics?