Flight Centre is flying high with Datore Analytics

Flight Centre is flying high with Datore Analytics

Flight Centre is one of the largest providers of global travel arrangements in the world with global revenues in excess of $21.8 billion dollars, that’s almost $60million every single day. In the UK they are less well known than in the US or Australia but they are still a significant force in the bespoke travel market. Operating both commercial and retail business portfolios they access hundreds of thousands of data points every single day to stay on top of the services they provide and to remain competitive in a fast-paced industry.

“Flight Centre has been using data analytics for many years and it is widely deployed across the organisation to support both our people and our clients” said Chris Himmelhoch-Mutton, Corporate Financial Controller at Flight Centre UK. “We have hundreds of users and hundreds of dashboards that we rely on every single day. These allow us to provide the best possible deals, at the best value to our clients, as well as to inform every area of the business how we are performing.”

“This level of data use does however present its own challenges as we are probably one of the largest commercial utilisers of data analytics in our industry in the UK. We also allow many individual users within our financial management teams to build and develop their own dashboards. Ensuring that we retain control as well as managing internal expectations and solution uptime is paramount to the success of our business.” Himmelhoch-Mutton continued. “For this reason, it became apparent that although we had an exceptionally powerful and user friendly solution, our increasing demands meant that we really needed to transition this into a High Demand, High Availability multi server environment.”

“Flight Centre is one of the most technically complex and challenging environments that Datore has yet encountered. They require continuous service provision and zero downtime to meet the needs of their industry and they need this from their data, their infrastructure and their chosen software solutions” said Graham Perry, Commercial Director at data analytics provider Datore. “Flight Centre chose us to ensure they maintained their current services whilst they transitioned to a multi-server, high availability environment that would support their growing user base as well as the growing demands of the business needs.”

“By developing a round the clock, round the world strategy to service the transition, we were able to facilitate the move with the least possible disruption as well as to move all of the data cubes, dashboards, users, security profiles, etc from the old environment across to the new one with zero disruption to existing users. We are very proud of the team, both client side and our own, that ensured this success and look forward to working with Flight Centre again in the future”.

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