European non-profit sees $1 million in Annual savings

European non-profit sees $1 million in Annual savings


With 2,000 member companies and over 40,000 producers around the globe, FTA is a non-profit that provides information to members on supply chain reliability, business practices of producers, socio and environmental sustainability and performance, and other factors such as child labor use.

FTA was using a manual system to audit, record, and report data, which was slowing down time and the provision of accurate reports for their members.  Anis Radianis was hired as the BI Manager and set out to implement a BI solution that would provide fast and accurate reports with far less work. Since deploying Sisense, FTA now sees over one- million Euro per year in savings.


FTA’s member companies sign up to find sourcing from reputable producers around the world, including high producers of services like India and China. Significant amounts of data is collected by various systems governed by FTA to help their members make informed decisions about procurement. FTA needed a way to embed analytics so their customers could easily have the visibility of social, environmental and demographic platforms.

As a non-profit with so many clients, price was a factor that FTA had to consider. However, price was secondary to the security required to allow around 1,000 users into their system and only have a view of their own data. For competitive purposes, a member  doesn’t want others to know which producers they are working with. To deal with this requirement, Anis built an environment that had all users logging into the same system and only seeing their own data by partitioning the data within the same ElastiCube. Being able to do this was a huge time saver for Anis in the long run.

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