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Data presents both Opportunities & Challenges

Data is everywhere! We are told that it is now worth more than oil! But what data has value and where do we find it? How do we store it and update it? How do we alter our processes to accommodate it and most important of all how do we realise the potential that exists within it? This is how we differentiate Datore, not just words on a document or slide decks. Actual practical advise and understanding, real world data solutions and development. If you are not sure where to start, or you need a simple database built, want to get the most from your dashboards or have a far more complex data warehouse and processing requirement, we can assist.

Our Amazing


The vast scale and availability of data in the modern world provides a host of opportunity’s for business leaders to innovate within their sectors, however this does not come without its fair share of challenges, ones that Datore works to resolve.


Using best of breed data visualisation and analytic software our team of industry experts can provide you with advice and processes that allow you to better understand the key performance indicators of your business.


Datore are specialist in the development of databases that can store  simple to vast quantities of your company’s data and information, as well as leading implementors of Application Program Interfaces (API’s) that allows this information to be collected so that it can be transformed into a process that benefits you.


Datore’s construction of data warehouses as well as more complex and advanced data processing and manipulation services allows us to extract, load and transform your data into a visual model that gives you the ability to better understand your business strengths and weakness and from there we help you to create a map to achieve your future goals.


Our dedicated hosting services mean that you no longer need to implement a host of technical requirements and train a full team of database developers and administrators. Datore provides you with a specialist team of data analysts that curate your company’s data visualisations so as to ensure that you get the maximum results.

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