Smart Data

Journey with your data

From a tangle of spreadsheets to cleansed and perfected data, beautifully visualised, securely stored - ready to level up your business.

Start at the end

Every journey needs a destination. We need to know where your data is leading, to map your route. What questions need answering?

No matter where on this path you start, we will help you build better, more reliable business insights.

& Store

& Prepare

& Analyse

Machine Learning &
Artificial Intelligence

Capture & Store

Is your data in disarray, spread across systems, software and clouds? Reporting is a time drain, and the results are often inaccurate?

Perhaps you need to migrate to new systems, but fear your data will corrupt or get lost?

We identify, audit and organise your data sources, across software, onsite and cloud-based systems. Untangling your mass of CVS files and Excel sheets – saving you from Excel-Hell.

Our experts collaborate with you to understand your current position and storage requirements, building the perfect migration strategy and storage solution.

Your files are imported directly to your data store. We will build custom API’s for your third party solutions, deliver SFTP or secure e-mail file transfer or create a bespoke Database or Data Warehouse solution.

Your data warehouses will be fully managed and maintained, ensuring security, compliance and integrity.

Cleanse & Prepare

Is your data accurate and complete or inaccurate and corrupt?

Are you collecting the right data to answer your questions?

No in-house data processing skills?

Many organisations are afraid to begin their data journey – believing their data is too poor to deliver insights. They start a never-ending cleansing process, losing their competitive advantage and rarely with results.

We collate your disparate data, audit the sources and ensure you have everything you need to answer your questions.

We visualise the data with you – correcting the elements that deliver most value, checking accuracy and identifying corruptions or losses. Data is then prepared into a “ready-to-analyse” format.

Ready to deliver your answers.

Visualise & Analyse

Struggling to untangle your data?

You have so many questions. How do you answer them all?

You need your data to engage and inform, but your Business Intelligence software won’t work, and you don’t know where to start!

We don’t build simple, static dashboards, answering one question at a time.

We deliver Visual Analytics.

We explore your data with you, answering all the questions that you can imagine, in multiple ways.

For your business and your needs.

Visual Analytics, combined with Artificial Intelligence opens up new ways of thinking about your data, suggesting options you hadn’t considered.

We quickly produce visual, intuitive and interactive dashboards. Presenting a simple, compelling data story to your stakeholders.

Your dashboards will empower your workforce, deliver answers, encourage collaborations and enable a deeper understanding of your business.

Watch your bottom line grow.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Can your data predict tomorrow? You need to understand your workforce needs, visualise the impact of training and predict stock requirements. How can you understand future sales trends based on past performance, predict industry anomalies or analyse customer sentiment across social channels?

Our AI doesn’t make tea yet, but it’s clever!

We implement powerful technology to understand your current position.

Machine Learning processes your data and behaviours.
Artificial Intelligence makes accurate reliable predictions.

We create custom intelligence specific to you and your industry. Advanced Python and R scripting models deliver answers to even your most niche questions. The real ‘golden nugget’ that will set you apart from your competitors.

Engage your stakeholders with data that tells a story of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Build your data story today

Speak to our data experts and understand your business yesterday, today, tomorrow.