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Wouldn’t life be easier if all you had to worry about was reading the insights that your data provides without all the fuss associated with gathering, hosting, storing, preparing, transforming and finally visualizing the data.

Why not let us take that strain and we will develop custom analytics for your specific business requirements, from your own data sources to your own dashboards and analytics. Nothing from inside a can, no one size fits all, fed from your data & hosted in our secure analytics environment.

Our Fully managed service saves you time & money

Services We Offer

Advanced Analytics Solution

Operational analytics

Operational improvement not only reduces risk and costs it also helps to reinforce the culture of continuous improvement within your organisation. At Datore our experts look at the most important aspects of improvement and then help you to see this in a way that allows you to make fast and decisive interventions.

Sales & Marketing analytics

Beyond simple pipelines and CRM, customer analytics is the fastest growing area of data visualization in the world. Understand more about your customer journey, their buying patterns, why, when and how they prefer to make a purchasing decision. Then see how well you look after them and what they think of you. Make customer retention & satisfaction an integral part of dealing with your business!

Financial analytics

Financial analytics was the birthplace of dashboarding as organisations looked to understand their financial health. To this day it remains one of the most widely utilized aspects of Visual Analytics but instead of simple accounts information it now provides continuous insight across a variety of data sources, costs, revenues and structures.

Our Analytic Service details

  • Our BI experts will design and connect your data sets 
  • Develop up to 5 dashboards for your organisation 
  • Manage your extensive data sources for you 
  • Process your data into our specially designed analytics hosting platforms 
  • Provide you with specialists to resolve both your software and hardware needs

Starting from as little as £995 per month


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