We Do Data

We meet businesses like yours every day.
Drowning in data and pouring money into unreliable results.

We make data easy.

Collating, storing and distilling data into accessible, usable formats is our thing.

We love presenting your previously tangled data to you. Processed into beautiful, user-friendly, intuitive dashboards and Visual Analytics that solve your problems.

Predicting the future? Yep. We do that too!

Our crystal ball is backed up by your data. Our Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities allow you to make reliable predictions for the future of your business.

Our Ethos

Data done right, builds better organisations.
Analytics adds value, reduces risks, improves productivity and boosts your bottom line.

We aspire to bring the power of data to your business – finding the right solution for your needs.
We work hard, with honesty and integrity. Building trust and having fun, doing what we love—doing data.

Meet the Datorians

We are an eclectic bunch. From racing drivers to golfers, happy in country kitchens or jetting to tropical climates. We are adrenaline junkies and relaxed quiet-lifers.

What unites us is our dedication to your business. We love what we do.
Giving you a clear view of the future and a firm grasp of your data.

Powerful Partnerships

The best partners for your business.

Powerful partnerships build better data.

We are proud to partner with Sisense and Amazon Web Services. We believe they are the best in the business. Offering data and analytics platforms that are simple, powerful and reliable.

We help you define the questions you need to answer. With our expertise and our partner’s technology, we deliver your best solution.

We are experts with both AWS and Sisense. Together we will develop your insights, answer your questions and differentiate you from the crowd.

Don’t just take our word for it