3 Use Cases for the New Sisense Notebooks

3 Use Cases for the New Sisense Notebooks

Business intelligence and analytics (BI&A) tools today provide nontechnical business users with the insights they need to solve well-defined problems. But as business problems become more sophisticated, diverse datasets and data lakes need to be brought in to supplement existing datasets. BI&A tools are unable to provide the kind of compounded insights needed to solve the more complex, less-clearly defined problems that advanced data brings. Analyst teams within the company spend most of their time solving these “open ended” problems, often using code-based techniques in SQL, Python, and R. Since these tools operate outside of the self-service BI environment, there is a big gap in how analysts can integrate their data and insights to help business users arrive at optimal decisions.

Sisense’s new Notebooks functionality bridges the crucial gap in the analyst’s workflow, which is a stumbling block to better analysis and time to insight. By integrating code-driven, specialist analysis tools into a selfservice BI environment, Sisense enables insights delivered by data teams to be fully incorporated and quickly leveraged by business users.
Sisense’s Notebooks functionality offers a powerful way to integrate data and code-first analytics to respond to dynamic business conditions with greater agility. Analysts are now empowered with the much-needed flexibility and versatility required to bring in a wide range of data sources and libraries to conduct advanced analyses using procedural code and deliver the results back into the self-service BI environment.

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